What we’re working on.

OCAF exists to accelerate Ottawa’s transition to an equitable, carbon-neutral future. As an investor, convener, and catalyst we are now in the process of determining what projects we’re taking on, and what role we need to play to achieve maximum benefit.

Project Criteria

  1. Align with OCAF priorities. Municipal climate action that builds strong communities.
  2. Maximize carbon and community impact. Reduce GHGs  at scale. Generate benefits for a broad range of demographic and geographic communities.
  3. Leverage the resources of others (both financial and otherwise).
  4. Include credible and viable planning and budgeting.

In the coming months we will post information about our first projects here. Please come back and visit soon, or sign up to receive alerts about OCAF news.

Have a Project We Should Know About?

If you have a project that aligns with the kind of work we have described above, then please reach out to find out if there is an opportunity to collaborate with OCAF.

How do we handle Conflict of Interest?

Achieving OCAF’s mission requires input and strategic guidance from diverse experts who are actively engaged in climate change and related efforts. The OCAF Advisory Board, therefore, consists of a variety of climate-focused leaders in the public, private and non-profit sectors. As such, it is expected that potential conflict of interest will arise on occasion for Advisory Board members. To manage any potential conflicts, OCAF has a robust process in place guided by the Ottawa Community Foundation’s Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest Policy.

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