OCAF’s First Grant: The Ottawa Future Home Project is advancing neighbourhood-scale deep retrofits

The Ottawa Future Home Project is a community collaboration, led by EnviroCentre and the Ottawa Energy Collective, to mobilize community engagement and participation in the kind of deep energy retrofits required to improve our homes and transform our neighbourhoods into the low-emissions, resilient, climate-proofed communities of the future. The project brings together Ottawa’s leading experts in home energy efficiency and community engagement to test and develop strategies custom-designed for Ottawa homes, residents and communities.

Funded in part by the Ottawa Climate Action Fund, and in partnership with the City of Ottawa’s Better Homes Ottawa program, the Ottawa Future Home Project: Phase 1 will:

  • Develop and test a local citizen engagement effort;
  • Launch a one-stop website to provide essential home retrofit information and tools to inform decision making and catalyze deep retrofits; and
  • Plan a set of neighbourhood deep retrofit demonstration projects with participating residents in two neighbourhoods.

Working as part of Ottawa’s strategy to preserve the climate, meet emissions reduction targets and support a healthy, resilient community, the Ottawa Future Home Project will scale up through Phases 2 and 3 to build a strong local deep retrofit economy in Ottawa, growing homeowner interest, streamlining the process and demystifying the path to net-zero.

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