OCAF Celebrates Launch of EV Experience/Expérience VÉ

(Photo) From left to right: Raymond Leury, EVCO | Sharon Coward, EnviroCentre | Steve Winkelman, OCAF | Nick Hebb, SmartNet Alliance | Tina Nicholson, OCAF | Wilson Wood, Communauto | Jennifer Stelzer, EnviroCentre | Yasir Naqvi, MP Ottawa Centre

Today’s launch of EnviroCentre’s EV Experience/Expérience VÉ is a milestone on the road to decarbonizing transportation in Ottawa and an exciting opportunity for anyone who ever gets behind the wheel of a car. This electric vehicle promotion program aims to break down barriers to access and shift the perception of electric vehicles in Ottawa.

The Ottawa Climate Action Fund (OCAF), an initiative of the Ottawa Community Foundation (OCF), is proud to be a founding sponsor of the program. OCAF and OCF are pleased to co-fund EV Experience alongside Natural Resources Canada.

“This public-private-philanthropic-community collaboration delivers an EV Experience for all Ottawans—from renters to rural, regardless of income,” said OCAF Executive Director Steve Winkelman. “It will accelerate EV use in Ottawa and help make carsharing an even more practical option to reduce car ownership and per capita vehicle use.”

“Cars and trucks produce 42% of our city’s greenhouse gas emissions,” Winkelman said. “Switching to an electric vehicle makes sense, since 94% of Ontario’s electricity is emissions-free.”

But many Ottawans have questions—about what it’s like to drive an EV, how and when to charge them, and how to get through the day on a single charge.

“EV Experience arrives at just the moment when everyone is wondering what they’ll have to do to electrify their daily ride and avoid high gasoline prices,” Winkelman said. “With free test drives in neighbourhoods across the city, and five new EVs added to Communauto’s carsharing fleet, here’s a chance to find out.”

OCAF is honoured to support EnviroCente and key implementation partners — Communauto and EVCO, along with supporting partners – the City of Ottawa climate team, Hydro Ottawa and SmartNet Alliance. It is only through this type of cross-sector partnership that we can effectively address the climate emergency.

Click here for details on EV Experience/Expérience VÉ.

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