News: Major Philanthropic Support for the Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) Network

As a member of the Low Carbon Cities Canada (LC3) Network, OCAF is thrilled to announce LC3’s major philanthropic support from the McConnell Foundation of $5 million. This is a major vote of confidence in the LC3 Network from the philanthropic sector.

This investment will enable the LC3 Network to accelerate implementation of innovative projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in major Canadian cities, while providing equity benefits and a Reconciliation lens.   

OCAF is delighted to be receiving $720,000 over 5 years as part of this contribution that will support climate projects that advance equity and Reconciliation in Ottawa. If you have an Ottawa project in mind, please contact us at

This funding from the McConnell Foundation is a testament to the important role the LC3 Network can play in the fight against climate change.   

Further to this generous support, the Trottier Family Foundation is supporting the Greater Montreal Climate Fund with a $5 million dollar grant to decarbonize multi-unit residential buildings in Greater Montreal. McConnell Foundation is also supporting The Atmospheric Fund to develop sustained demand for deep energy retrofits in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. 

Read the press release for details on the full announcement.

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